Video and Podcast Editor (Contract)

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As a video and podcast editor for BanTech Systems, you'll spend around 5 hours per week producing audio and video content using supplied recordings and storyboards.

You'll be working with us to produce an exciting new content schedule starting in October, including:

  • A ramp up of Beyond The Blox episodes recorded live for a small audience and later edited to publish on podcast listening platforms and YouTube.
  • New YouTube series' covering technical topics to help aspiring game developers on Roblox.
  • Sneak peeks and behind the scenes videos for our current Roblox projects.
  • Occasional Roblox gaming and game review videos.

Your day-to-day tasks will include:

  • Taking rough audio recordings from a 60-minute live recording session and turning it into podcast episodes of ~30 minutes length.
  • Taking short video clips, a storyboard / shot list, and a voiceover recording to produce videos for YouTube.
  • Working with our graphic designer to produce video thumbnails and in-video graphics to support the video or podcast topics.
  • Identifying and cutting short extracts from podcast episodes that can be shared on social media.

Your ideal starting date would be around mid-October, though you'll need to be available for planning work and discussions a few weeks prior.

You will need to be able to:

  • Use commercial video editing software efficiently to create 10-30 minute-long videos with multiple scenes. (We can provide a software licence or you can use your own).
  • Use audio editing software to cut ~60 minutes of audio into a clean 30 minute episode that flows well, with noise removed, and audio compressed.
  • Act autonomously to cut unwanted audio and mistakes from the recordings and ensure the story flows without needing constant direction.
  • Organise your work well to ensure that any requested adjustments are easy to make, and no content is lost or deleted.
  • Use high speed internet to download raw recordings and footage, and upload exported videos and audio.
  • Be creative in editing video, such that the viewer remains engaged visually and can follow the topic easily.
  • Work to deadlines to ensure the content schedule is adhered to, and record your own worked hours accurately.

You will need:

  • A bank account which accepts payments from the UK or a PayPal account.

  • To be at least 16 years old as of 1 October 2021.

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